GigPlug - FAQ

GigPlug FAQs – let us answer your questions:

1. What is GigPlug?

GigPlug is a smart way to find the freelance and contract roles direct from companies. We help companies find, match and book the best freelance and independent consulting talent in the market. For both freelancer and company, we hope to make recruiting talent for your projects faster and less hassle. Good news all around!

2. Why GigPlug?

We believe in a world that allows freelancers and associates to connect directly with clients looking for the best talent in the market. No more recruiters, agencies and other middlemen. We are trying to make the process as seamless as possible.

3. How do I use GigPlug?

It is a simple process.

If you are a freelancer:

  1. Create your profile and let us know when you are available.
  2. Our matching technology will match you to any suitable roles. Don't worry if there are no projects so far, we are adding new projects every day
  3. Search for all currently projects in our 'Find Projects' page. You choose the projects that interest you and apply
  4. Apply to projects directly by selecting 'Apply'. We will send your details to the hiring manager directly at the client project. At GigPlug, we commit to letting you know what is going on within 5-10 working days. As we know how annoying it is not to hear.
  5. Manage your calendar and pipeline of work online via your calender, so employers can see when you are available
  6. We have plenty more features in the pipeline like connecting to other freelancers and matching to companies you are interested in working for in the future. Feel free to tell us what you would like to see at

If you are a client:

  1. Create your profile with your relevant contact details and links to your business.
  2. Create the project you need freelancers and associates to support you with.
  3. Our matching technology will match your projects to our freelancers that are available, with the right skills and within your £day rate range primarily.
  4. You can also search all freelancers on GigPlug at ‘Find Freelancers’ to hire onto a project or save into your talent pool for future booking.
  5. Once you select your freelancer to 'hire', we will contact the freelancer to ensure they are still available and interested. On confirmation, we will pass you their details so you can contact, arrange interview and hopefully get to a successful booking. We also ensure to let you know what is happening with our GigPlug freelancers within 5-10 working days. On successful booking of a GigPlug freelancer, we will liaise directly to arrange billing of placement fee.
  6. We have created GigPlug to make your life easier in finding and booking freelancers. We are still a beta product and trying to improve what we do. If you have any questions or feedback you can reach us at

4. Where can I use GigPlug?

We are primarily based in the London area in UK, although always open to hear about demand elsewhere. If you are outside of London, and would like GigPlug to start covering your area, please let us know at

5. How do I start GigPlug’ing?

Well... here are some useful links to get you started:

Register as a client Register as a freelancer

6. Something we haven’t covered here, but you want to know more about?

Feel free to contact us at and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Elaine & the GigPlug team